Our Optimization Process

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality


How do we assist you in solving the retirement puzzle? We start by engineering a sensible investment program.

We follow the same disciplined wealth management approach used by large institutional pension plans for the design and implementation of your portfolio.

There are generally six steps that we follow in our planning process.



Define Your Ideal Future

slide0186_image041 At the start of the investment advisory process, we need to get to know you and understand your investment goals and objectives. Your personal circumstances and your vision of your future will be the focus of our initial meeting. By using an easy but comprehensive data collection tool, we help you create a personal profile for you and your family. This profile provides a snapshot of your current financial situation, goals and priorities.  

Determine Your Risk Profile

Next we analyze your risk profile data to determine the best way to construct an investment program based on your specific needs and circumstances. This review takes into account your risk tolerance, time horizon, tax sensitivity, cash-flow needs and other nuances. We use this information to construct an investment proposal tailored to your needs.

Set Goals Based on Your Vision

For a comfortable retirement, you certainly must be able to pay your basic living expenses, without worrying about running out of money. But a truly satisfying retirement would also include sufficient money to pay for other purchases and activities that go beyond your basic needs. That’s what makes retirement fun. We help you identify all your unique goals, including the Needs you must have, the Wants you’d like to have, and even the Wishes you might dream about.

Develop a Written Action Plan

We present our analysis and investment proposal and work with you to review and refine the proposal until we have an investment plan that you thoroughly understand and approve. Our recommendations encompass all aspects of your investment strategy including asset allocation and selection of investment vehicles. We will present you with alternative strategies, if necessary, to illustrate the possibility of achieving more of your goals by making some trade-offs.

Implement Your Action Plan

Implementation is largely an administrative process. We prepare and process appropriate paperwork, facilitate asset transfers, set up monitoring procedures and coordinate efforts with your accountant, attorney or other advisors as necessary.

Adjust Course as Needed

We constantly monitor the performance of your investments and the progress being made toward your investment goals. You can expect communication from us throughout the year to provide performance updates, investor education and information about investment opportunities that you may want to consider. The true power of your retirement plan doesn’t come from doing it once and forgetting it. Planning is a continuous process. Your plan must be reviewed and updated at least once a year, and more often, if you have significant changes in your Goals. Updating your plan regularly is the only way to put current events in perspective, decide what changes are appropriate, and strengthen your confidence in the future.

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