I Work For My Clients, Not Wall Street

Over the last few years, I have noticed what you have noticed. People have become increasingly cynical about Wall Street and the entire financial services industry. The fallout from Bernie Madoff’s arrest, the “London whale” debacle involving JPMorgan Chase, the years of “liar loans” and “robosigning” among mortgage servicers – it all adds up to an image problem.

I have built my business by building relationships. My reputation – my image – means everything. I conduct my business according to strict ethical and moral standards. That, by the way, is the standard in the industry – there are tens of thousands of “good apples” for every “bad apple” out there.

I am proud to say that my clients are very loyal. I have earned their faith and trust by looking after their best interest. They know that they can always expect that from me, as I expect nothing less than the best from myself.

  • I am an independent financial advisor and work only for my clients
  • My firm is neither owned by nor a subsidiary of any investment or insurance company so I have no quotas to meet
  • I have no proprietary products – you will not see my brand name on any investments or insurance products
  • My firm does not originate investment products – I only help clients select those that are appropriate
  • My firm does not underwrite stocks or bonds
  • I am not an investment banker so I am not beholden to any corporations
  • My firm does not make markets in any securities – I have no “inventory” to unload.

I work for people, not a Wall Street monolith. My loyalty is to my clients, and that will never change. You might be seeking a financial professional who does business with candor, transparency and integrity. You deserve to pursue your financial objectives with a professional truly committed to helping you realize them.



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