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In the hospital, the care plan is the document that guides the care of the patient.  It’s based on a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs and conditions and outlines the goals, interventions, and expected outcomes.

It’s created using the standards of care.  Nursing standards of care are evidence-based guidelines that help to ensure that patients receive safe, high-quality care that meets their individual needs.

This framework is easily understood by healthcare workers. It’s a ‘given’ and an expectation in their daily life.

I have worked with healthcare professionals for a long time.  This is the same philosophy I have used to create financial strategies – a Financial Care Plan – for my clients.

Patients don’t know what the standards are. But they expect and trust that the standards will be followed during their care.

You should expect the same when dealing with your financial health.

Am I On The Right Track?

You know you can’t afford to ignore your financial  planning, but…
  • You question if there are things you should be doing differently.
  • You’re worried about costly mistakes.
  • You’re anxious about making the wrong decision at the wrong time
  • You don’t know who to listen to or whose advice is best for your situation

Our view

  • You’ve worked hard and sacrificed for your money. 
  • You need someone to help you navigate through your financial challenges.
  • You deserve more than a sales pitch pretending to be objective financial advice.
  • You expect straightforward financial advice without the fear of sales pressure, intimidation, or judgement.  

Our Solution

I believe working with a true financial advisor leads to improved outcomes. 
Just as a Healthcare Provider abides by a proven Standard of Care, so should a true financial advisor.
I am a financial problem solver. I provide both investment management and personal financial planning at a very reasonable cost. 
Your financial plan is a joint effort to create a meaningful probability of success in meeting your long term goals.  

I work for my clients,
not wall street

Clients expect to experience a high level of confidence, trust and clarity in relationships with professionals trained in the distinct process and discipline of financial planning. It is essential that they receive professional care, quality and excellence in the services they receive.

  • Put the client’s best interests first.
  • Act with due care and in utmost good faith.
  • Do not mislead clients.
  • Provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts.
  • Disclose and fairly manage all material conflicts of interest.

My Focus

I provide financial planning for the yachtless, who don't speak finance as a first language, and want to work with someone that has already been to a few rodeos.


Helping clients reach their financial goals for over 30 years. You shouldn't be part of someone's learning curve.

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Convenient and time-saving. Meet and review your financial strategies online from the comfort of your home. Great for busy families.


When you have a question, I'm available. It's important to both of us.

No Minimum Account Size

You no longer have to wait until you have "enough". The most important step is to get started.

No Judgement

Everyone has made a money mistake in the past. Time to focus on better strategies for the future.

No long term contract

No Long Term Obligations

No long-term contracts. No fear of big penalties or termination fees.


No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Everything is made from scratch. My strategies are custom created for you and your situation.

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Financial Future Planning

Services We Offer

Feel Confident in Your Financial Wellness

Financial planning is about more than assets, investments and net worth. 

A Financial Plan:

  • Is about what you want to do with your money and why.
  • Is about identifying your concerns, expectations and goals.
  • is about how you feel and what you want.
  • Is an ongoing process. The best way to put current events in perspective, decide what changes are appropriate, and strengthen your confidence in the future.
  • Is a living document. Updated nightly so calculations are always based on current data.  
  • Helps address common fears and concerns such as health care costs, outliving your money and the best time to file for Social Security benefits.
  • Helps you feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future.

Focusing On The Growth and Management of Your Portfolio

  • Explain investment ideas in an understandable manner
  • Advise you in selecting money managers and investment styles.
  • Assist you in selecting appropriate investment options in your company retirement plan.
  • Implement a time horizon investment strategy to reduce risk.
  • Align your investment strategy with your financial plan, tax situation, and personal goals.
  • Benchmark investment performance against your financial needs, not the market.
  • Provide a disciplined approach to eliminate emotional decision making.
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to mutually define investment parameters.
  • Consolidate investment paperwork.
  • Provide annual asset allocation review and account rebalancing.

Strategies to Make Sure You'll Have Enough

  • Develop, implement, and monitor a written retirement income plan.
  • Provide guidance to see that your retirement income and assets last a lifetime.
  • Determine how to structure withdrawals for tax efficiency.
  • Calculate IRS required minimum distributions (RMDs) and educate you on the regulations.
  • Provide Roth IRA conversion calculations and advice.
  • Optimize alternative Social Security claiming strategies.

An important foundation for building your financial stability

  • Review income and expenses.
  • Develop a strategy for planned large expenses.
  • Develop a strategy for creating an emergency fund.
  • Review current mortgage and refinancing options.
  • Review lines of credit & debt management.
  • Review and analyze your financial position.
  • Develop and monitor a strategy for debt reduction
  • Identify sources of additional savings.

 Account Aggregation

  • Link important accounts like 401(k)s, Bank Accounts, Debt and even Insurance policies.
  • Take control of your spending with automated budgeting.
  • Forecast financial obligations while accounting for the fluctuations in your spending.
  • Measure and monitor your financial health so that you can build smarter habits to reach your goals.
  • Monitor your financial vitals with nightly updates to the Dashboard within your Client Portal.

Making Sure Your Plan Can Withstand the Unexpected

  • Identify any risk exposures and recommend solutions.
  • Review your current Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurances.
  • Evaluate current employer-provided insurance.
  • Assist you in evaluating your umbrella, property and auto insurance.
  • Review and explain available choices when transitioning to Medicare.

Maximizing What You Earn By Minimizing What You Owe

  • Recommend strategies to minimize your taxes.
  • Review your company retirement plan options.
  • Provide capital gains and loss planning.
  • Help you reduce taxation of Social Security benefits.
  • Provide a year-end capital gains/loss analysis.
  • Consult and coordinate your financial plan with your tax situation.
  • Track cost basis for better planning and easier tax preparation.

Helping You Get Your Financial House in Order

  • Assist you in organizing your financial data so that it can be easily handled.
  • Help you avoid reactive or emotional financial decisions.
  • Education on financial topics and concepts
  • Help you understand the various attitudes toward money.
  • Provide referrals to other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys
  • Help to manage the financial impact of lifestyle events.
  • Provide positive encouragement and motivation for effort and successes
  • Provide friendly and knowledgeable support

Seeing That Your Plan Will Carry Out Your Wishes

  • Discuss the proper use of estate planning tools: wills, trusts or powers-of-attorney.
  • Review ownership and beneficiary designations on all accounts and other assets
  • Help with the continuity of your family’s financial plan through generations.
  • Provide guidance to help you get your financial affairs in order.
  • Consult and coordinate your plan with your attorney.
  • Provide education and guidance on charitable giving alternatives.
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Our Financial Wellness Tools

Tools to Help You Understand Your Current and Future Financial Picture

Keep your finances on track with a budgeting tool that makes sense and is easy to use
See all your accounts in one place - including those with other financial institutions
Monitor your financial health in one convenient place. Think 'My Chart' for your finances.
Social Security
Optimize your Social Security strategy to get the maximum benefit you deserve
Student Loans and Debt
Get out of debt so you can live the life you want
Everything In It's Place
Self-purging filing system will forever eliminate the hassle of cleaning out and reorganizing files
Mobile app for Android and iOS
See your finances on the go.
Tax Planning
Find the most tax-efficient retirement decisions.
Comprehensive Checklists
Help you navigate complex financial planning questions.
Organizer Workbook
Get your financial life in order with our complete guide
401(k) Optimizer
Designed to help you manage risk with your company-sponsored retirement plan.
Watch Video
Your digital safe. Upload important documents and access from anywhere.
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What Does Planning Cost?

It's an Important Question

You Have Choices

Everyone’s financial picture is different.  I don’t try to make one solution work for everyone.  Hire an expert on terms that fit your needs.

Ways we can work together:

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Meet Gary

I began as a financial professional in 1988 and have developed a process to assist Healthcare Professionals and others with the decisions necessary to improve and maintain their financial health.

I believe a financial or retirement plan is an ongoing process, not a single event, and that creating a plan should be a joint, collaborative effort. Clients find this approach educational and empowering, not intimidating or judgmental.

This is especially important for those that have not used the services of an advisor before, have had a bad experience, or feel they are “too small” for an advisor’s attention.

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